M25 Travelling Clockwise

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Oktober 2004



In the footsteps of the phenomenally successful "A272: An Ode to a Road," comes the definitive and quirky guide to everyone's favorite motorway. Ruined palaces, restored piggeries, secret bunkers, and beautiful bridges are all a part of its history, together with the people who live and work in them. Roy will show you where you are driving under a cricket pitch or over a river, where Pepys had a breakdown in his new carriage, and where more than one Earl of Essex lost his head. Nearly 200 color photographs, including magnificent unpublished aerial views and oddities of all kinds, together with specially drawn maps and diagrams, make this the perfect book to have in any jam.


Roy Phippen has been driving a cab around the M25 for more miles than he cares to remember. In a previous life he was buyer of antiquities for Spinks.
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