Dangerous Families: Queer Writing on Surviving

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Februar 2004



Dangerous Families: Queer Writing on Surviving goes beyond the recovery narrative to create a new queer literature of investigation, exploration, and transformation. Twenty-six stories illuminate the reality of growing up in fear, struggling to rebuild lives damaged by sexual, physical, and/or emotional abuse. The book explores how abuse turns queer survivors into healers, heartbreakers, and homicidal maniacs, presenting brilliant stories that sear and soar. To view an excerpt online, find the book in our QuickSearch catalog at www.HaworthPress.com.


Acknowledgments Dangerous Families: An Introduction LANGUAGE gonna get my girl body back: this is a work in progress Johnny Not with the Buckle End of the Belt Dog Dreams Body of Knowledge Dyslexic Process population 1200 the doctor's daughter Pelt MONSTERS Hate May Not Be a Family Value, but Dysfunction That's a Different Story Descent into Hell Kid Pirate in Suburbia Some Notes on Art and Architecture This Blood (Beaten Out of Me) Contaminated Drinking Did I Mention That My Sister's Shadow Flooding ESCAPE Escape: A Myth Weapons S.O.S. Walls Confessions of a Ghetto Princess Those Who Can't Do, Write, or Daddy's Little Pornographer Absence Someday Bad Girl The Prime of My Life About the Editor Contributors
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