Green Screen

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This book combines film studies with environmental history and politics, aiming to establish a cultural criticism informed by 'green' thought. David Ingram argues that Hollywood cinema has largely perpetuated romantic attitudes to nature and has played an important ideological role in the'greenwashing' of ecological discourses. The book accounts for the rise of environmental concerns in Hollywood cinema and explores the ways in which attitudes to nature and the environment are constructed in a number of movies. It is divided into three sections: Wilderness in Hollywood Cinema, Wild Animals in Hollywood Cinema, and Development and the Politics of Land Use.


Contents: Introduction - melodrama and environmental crisis. Part 1 Wilderness in Hollywood cinema: discourses of nature and environmentalism; the cinematography of natural landscapes; gender and the encounter with wilderness; ecological Indians and the myth of primal purity; gender, race and the politics of the Amazonian rain forests. Part 2 Wild animals in Hollywood cinema: endangered species and the North American anti-hunting narrative; North American ocean mammals; the wolf and the bear; African animals from safari to conservation. Part 3 Development and the politics of land use: the country and the city; automobile culture; the risks of nuclear energy. Conclusion.


David Ingram is a lecturer in American Studies at Brunel University.


"This book is primarily an agenda-setter. As such it makes clear how complex and important are the debates that film studies and American studies more widely will need to tackle regarding representations and critique of late-capitalist consumerism in its global phase." -Forum for Modern Languages, Vol. 38, No. 1, 2002
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