Bach Flower Remedies

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An account of the great discovery by Dr. Edward Bach regarding the healing effects of different flower essences. Explains the discovery and production of the remedies and their therapeutic treatments for emotional and physical disorders.


Julian Barnard has lived and worked in Walterstone on the Welsh border for the past twenty years. Born in the Thames Valley in 1947 to a family with connections to the great English botanists John Henslow and Joseph Hooker, he was brought up with a love of plants. He went to school at Oxford and trained at the Architectural Association in London. Finding a copy of The Twelve Healers led to a training in herbal medicine with Dorothy Hall in Australia. The author of a series of books about Dr Bach's flower remedies, including The Healing Herbs of Edward Bach: An Illustrated Guide to the Flower Remedies, he has also edited and published the Collected Writings of Edward Bach, the first complete edition of Bach's works. In 1986 he was instrumental in establishing the Bach Educational Program to bring flower remedies to a wider public. Still actively engaged in education, he has given talks and workshops in more than a dozen countries in Europe and the Americas.


'Do we really need another book about the Bach Flower Remedies? The answer has to be a resounding affirmative, since this book takes you on a journey. You follow Edward Bach, see the way his ideas evolved. And you learn how to utilise this remarkable group of remedies to maximum benefit. [...] This really is an excellent book which methodically leads you through the 38 remedies in a manner which makes you appreciate the full value and beauty of this remarkably simple system.' -- Keith Souter, Health and Homeopathy, January 2005 'The general reader will find this book illuminating and instructive. Line drawings adorn the text and provide another avenue of understanding.' -- Scientific and Medical Network Review, January 2005
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