The Empress Theodora: Partner of Justinian

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In this book, James Allan Evans provides a scholarly, yet highly accessible account of the life and times of the Empress Theodora. He follows her from her childhood as a Hippodrome bearkeeper's daughter to her imperial roles as Justinian's most trusted counselor and as an effective and powerful advocate for the downtrodden. In particular, he focuses on the ways in which Theodora worked to improve the lives of women. He also explores the pivotal role Theodora played in the great religious controversy of her time, involving a breach between sects in the Christian church.


Introduction; 1. A New Dynasty Takes Power; 2. The EarlyLife of Theodora; 3. The Early Years in Power; 4. The Nika Revolt; 5. Theodora's Friends and Enemies; 6. Theodora and Foreign Policy; 7. The Theological Dilemma: The Search for Common Ground; 8. Theodora's Quest for a New Strategy; 9. The Coercion of Rome; 10. Afterword


"There is no other book that gives Theodora as extensive or as penetrating treatment as this one... The task is worthwhile, because Theodora is a figure of historical importance and great interest and perhaps the only Byzantine woman about whom the sources say enough to make even a short book feasible." Warren Treadgold, author of A Concise History of Byzantium "[Evans's] book is informative and entertaining. He writes with clarity and lucidity, virtues which are particularly evident in his acount of the theological disputes of the age. He has successfully set before us the woman "whose strange elevation" as Gibbon puts it, "cannot be applauded as the triumph of female virtue"."--Les Etudes Classiques, 71,3, July-Sept 2003
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