Absolute Beginner's Guide to Alternative Medicine

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April 2004



Find the best alternative therapy for your lifestyle and health needs with the Absolute Beginner's Guide to Alternative Medicine!


I. AN INTRODUCTION TO ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. 1. What Is Alternative Medicine All About? Why Are People Turning to Alternative Medicine? What We Talk About When We Talk About Health. What Are the Theoretical Foundations of the Two Systems? Research Comparing the Two Systems. 2. How Does Alternative Medicine Work? Balance. Spirituality. Energy. Breath. II. NON-WESTERN HEALING METHODS. 3. Traditional Chinese Medicine. What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine? How Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Work? How Can I Get Started With Traditional Chinese Medicine? 4. Ayurvedic Medicine. What Is Ayurveda? Balancing the Doshas: The Ayurvedic View of Health and Illness. How Does Ayurveda Work? Ayurvedic Treatments Will Change Your Life. How Can I Get Started with Ayurveda? 5. Native American Healing. What Is Native American Healing? Harmony with All Things: The Native American View of Health and Illness. How Does Native American Medicine Work? How Can I Get Started with Native American Healing? III. BOTANICAL HEALING. 6. Herbal Medicine. What Is Herbal Medicine? How Does Herbal Medicine Work? How Can I Get Started with Herbal Medicine? 7. Naturopathy. What Is Naturopathy? How Does Naturopathy Work? Health Comes from Within. Naturopathic Diagnosis and Treatment. 8. Homeopathy. What Is Homeopathy? How Does Homeopathy Work? A Holistic Diagnosis. Take Two Drops and Call Me in the Morning: Homeopathic Treatment. How Do I Get Started with Homeopathy? 9. Aromatherapy. What Is Aromatherapy? How Does Aromatherapy Work? How Can I Get Started with Aromatherapy? IV. Manual Healing Practices. 10. Chiropractic Practice. What Is Chiropractic? How Does Chiropractic Work? The Limits of Misalignment. About Chiropractic Treatment. 11. Massage. What Is Massage? How Does Massage Work? What Are the Different Types of Massage? Trying Massage at Home. 12. Pressure-Point Therapies. What Are Pressure Point Therapies? How Do Pressure Point Therapies Work? What Happens During a Pressure-Point Session. Putting Pressure on Yourself: Therapies to Try at Home. 13. Energy-Balancing Therapies. What Are Energy-Balancing Therapies? How do Energy-Balancing Therapies Work? The Experience of Energy-Balancing Healing. How Can I Get Started with Energy-Balancing Therapy? 14. Combined Manual Therapies. What Are Combined Therapies? How Do Combined Therapies Work? What Is a Combined Therapy Session Like? V. Mind-Body Techniques. 15. Yoga. What Is Yoga? The Nature of Yogic Health. How Does Yoga Work? How Do I Begin a Yoga Practice? 16. Meditation. What Is Meditation? How Does Meditation Work? How Do I Start a Meditation Practice? 17. Hypnotherapy. What Is Hypnotherapy? The Nature of Hypnotherapy. You Are Feeling Sleepy, Very Sleepy: The Process of Hypnosis. Benefits and Applications of Hypnotherapy. How Do I Get Started with Hypnotherapy? 18. Dreamwork. What Is Dreamwork? How Does Dreaming Work? Why Do We Dream? Making Meaning, and Healing, for Our Dreams. 19. Biofeedback. What Is Biofeedback? How Does Biofeedback Work? How Do I Start Using Biofeedback? 20. Movement-Oriented Therapies. How Do Movement-Oriented Therapies Work? Qigong. How Do I Begin Using Movement-Oriented Therapies? VI. SPIRITUAL THERAPIES. 21. Shamanism. What Is Shamanism? Becoming a Shaman. How Does Shamanism Work? The Shamanic View of Health and Illness. 22. Faith and Prayer. Religion as a Healing Practice. How Does Spiritual Healing Work? How Do I Begin Taking a Spiritual Approach to My Health? VII. OTHER THERAPIES. 23. Bioelectromagnetics. What Is Bioelectromagnetics? How Does Bioelectromagnetics Work? Getting Started with Bioelectromagnetic Healing. 24. Detoxifying Therapies. Hydrotherapy: A Nice, Hot Bath. Colonics: A Deeper Feeling of Clean. Chelation Therapy: No More Heavy Metal. Getting Started with Purification Therapies. 25. Animal-Assisted Therapy. What Is Animal-Assisted Therapy? What's the Idea Behind Animal-Assisted Therapy? VIII. Appendix. A. Alternative Therapies for Common Health Problems. Index.


Karen Lee Fontaine is a nursing professor at Purdue University, the Calcumet campus. She has authored many nursing books on topics such as mental health and psychiatric nursing. Bill Kaszubski lives in Los Angeles, where he writes about science, art, and technology.

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