The Eyes of Another Race: Roger Casement's Congo Report and 1903 Diary

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Mai 2004



Executed by the British in 1916 for treason, Roger Casement is one of Ireland's most colorful, mythologized, and controversial figures. His infamous Black Diaries, with their homosexual materials, were famously published by the Olympia Press in a suspect edition in 1959. In 1903 when he was a British consul, he left his base on the Lower Congo River and made a Conrad-like journey through the "heart of darkness" regions of the Upper Congo to personally investigate reports of alleged atrocities (Conrad found Casement to be "most intelligent and sympathetic"). His subsequent report gained him fame by exposing the appalling cruelties of the colonial and commercial regime there, and was a crucial instrument in the British government's efforts to bring about change in King Leopold's Congo Free State. He later exposed similar exploitation in Niger, Mozambique, and South America. This carefully edited work brings together Casement's report, as well as his diary of that year, with previously excised names restored and explanatory notes provided. The editors provide an overview of Casement's career and a thorough historical background to these documents. Seamus O Siochain teaches at the National University of Ireland and is completing a major biography of Casement. Michael O'Sullivan was at Dublin City University until his death in 2002.


The Congo Report - main report; inclosures; the 1903 diary - editorial notes; the diary.


"The diary given here makes many improvements on the Singleton-Gates edition in deciphering and identifying many words, passages and references. Extensive notes." Books Ireland Feb 2004 "An intelligent introduction and copious notes to each chapter render the report accessible to the modern reader, and the inclusion of photographs of the principal characters further helps to enliven the narrative." Bookview Ireland March 2004 "History Ireland readers will be familiar with the ongoing debate...on the authenticity or otherwise of Roger Casement's 'Black Diaries'. While conclusion may never be arrived at to the satisfaction of all the debate's protagonists, one of the welcome side-effects of the controversy is that it has focused attention increasingly on the man's career, particularly as a great humanitarian." History Ireland Summer 2004 "Although Casement's career as a whole remains controversial, his work in the Congo and his cooperation with local missionaries helped greatly in bringing colonial atrocities there to a much wider audience. This book is therefore welcome as an easily accessible resource for all those interested in these events." International Bulletin of Missionary Research Vol 29, No 4 2005
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