Acts of Resistance

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In his most explicitly political work to date, Pierre Bourdieu speaks out against the new myths of our time -- especially those associated with neo--liberalism -- and offers a passionate defence of the public interest. The withdrawal of the state from many areas of social life in recent years -- housing, health, social services, etc.


To the Reader. The left hand and the right hand of the State. Sollers tel quel. The status of foreigners: a shibboleth. Abuse of power by the advocates of reason. The train drivera s remark. Against the destruction of a civilization. The myth of "globalization" and the European welfare state. The thoughts of Chairman Tietmeyer. Social scientists, economic science and the social movement. For a new internationalism. Return to television. The government finds the people irresponsible. Job insecurity is everywhere now. The movement of the unemployed, a social miracle. The negative intellectual. Neo--liberalism, the utopia (becoming a reality) of unlimited exploitation. References.


Pierre Bourdieu was Professor of Sociology at the College de France
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