Philosophy for AS and A2

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"Philosophy for AS and A2 is the definitive textbook for students of Advanced Subsidiary or Advanced Level courses, structured directly around the specification of the AQA - the only exam board to offer these courses. Following a lively foreword by Nigel Warburton, author of "Philosophy: The Basics, a team of experienced teachers devote a chapter each to the six themes covered by the syllabus:
* Theory of Knowledge
* Moral Philosophy
* Philosophy of Religion
* Philosophy of Mind
* Political Philosophy
* Philosophy of Science
Each of the six themed chapters includes:
* A list of key concepts, to introduce students to the topic
* Bite-size sections corresponding exactly to the syllabus topics
* Actual past exam questions from previous years
* Suggested discussion questions to promote debate
* Text-boxes with helpful summaries, case-studies and examples
* An annotated further reading list directing students towards the best articles, books and websites
* A comprehensive glossary, providing a handy reference point
There is a final chapter on essay writing and exam preparation, designed to help students get to grips with the examination board requirements.


Preface by Nigel Warburton. Introduction: Why Study Philosophy? An Outline Of Philosophy At AS And A2. How To Use This Book. 1. Theory Of Knowledge Introduction. Concluding Remarks. References. Further Reading. Glossary. 2. Moral Philosophy Introduction. References. Further Reading. Glossary. 3. Philosophy Of Religion Introduction. References. Further Reading. Glossary. 4. Philosophy Of Mind Introduction. Conclusion. References. Further Reading. Glossary. 5. Political Philosophy Introduction. References. Further Reading. Glossary. 6. Philosophy Of Science Introduction. References. Further Reading. Glossary. 7. Essay Writing And Exam Preparation Index


Stephen Law is the author of The Philosophy Files (Orion 2000), The Outer Limits (Orion 2003) and The Philosophy Gym (Headline 2003). Elizabeth Burns is Lecturer in Philosophy at Heythrop College.
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