Wehrmacht Combat Helmets 1933-45

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The German Stahlhelm is perhaps the most recognizable image of World War II. Manufactured in its millions, it was used or copied by many countries. It is still one of the most collected relics of the war; but despite its relative availability, prices have reached levels that challenge collectors to protect themselves by acquiring in-depth knowledge. This book, by a collector of 30 years' standing, offers a detailed masterclass in the patterns, component parts and finishes of the combat helmets used by the German Army, Navy and Air Force. It is illustrated with a superb selection of rare period photos, colour photos of collected examples, and striking colour paintings.


Introduction; Between the World Wars: Reichswehr helmets; The M1933 prototype models; The M1940; The M1942; Production and assembly; Components; Colours & paint finishes; Insignia; Paratroop helmets; Field adaptions


Brian Bell is an avid military historian with interest in the German Armed Forces of World War II. He has interviewed many former Wehrmacht veterans about their wartime experiences and has been a collector of World War II German helmets for more than 30 years. He has a graduate degree from the University of Nebraska and is a professional career advisor to MBA students. Brian is married and lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. Kevin Lyles is a talented illustrator of 20th century military subjects. He has illustrated several books for Osprey over the years, and has also written titles on the US Army in Vietnam, a subject in which he has a long-standing interest. He lives and works in Hertfordshire, UK.

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