Vanishing Point: The Disappearance of Judge Crater, and the New York He Left Behind

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August 2004



The sudden disappearance of Judge Joseph Crater nearly 75 years ago led to perhaps the most famous missing persons case of the 20th century. "Vanishing Point" is a revealing look at New York as the Jazz Age gave way to the Depression, and one of the most intriguing stories in the annals of urban America.


Richard J. Tofel is president and chief operating officer of the new International Freedom Center, a museum of freedom and a cultural center to be built at the site of the World Trade Center. Formerly assistant publisher of the Wall Street Journal, Mr. Tofel is a graduate of Harvard College, the Harvard Law School, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Before the publication of Vanishing Point, Tofel wrote A Legend in the Making, a book about the 1939 Yankees. He recently published Sounding the Trumpet, a fascinating look into the making of Kennedy's inaugural address, also published by Ivan R. Dee. He lives with his family in Riverdale, New York.


Extraordinarily deft and skillfully written...[An] admirably understated book...--Ric Burns, documentary filmmaker
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