Victory at Sebastopol

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Dezember 2004



At the height of the Crimean War, and the seige of the Russian city of Sebastopol continues. Attempting to cut off the Russians' supply line, the allies send a squadron of battleships with 15,000 soldiers onboard. Comamder Phillip Hazard is order to buoy a channel under the shore batteries guarding the Straight of Yenikal. Forced to make some hard decisions, Hazard faces court martial afterwards.


V. A. Stuart wrote several series of military fiction and numerous other novels under various pseudonyms. Her settings span history and the globe, from the Napoleonic wars of Europe to India under the British Raj. Born in 1914, she was in Burma with the British Fourteenth Army, became a lieutenant, and was decorated with the Burma Star and the Pacific Star.


"[Hazard] is a worthy successor to the Horatio Hornblower series, and make no bones about it." -- Publishers Weekly
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