Mambo Italiano

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Translated by Michel Tremblay into a wildly successful Francophone theatrical phenomenon, Mambo Italiano is about the dynamics of family, about the vast spaces between the old world and the new, and about grasping the resonant codes embedded in what is said and what is meant in ordinary speech. ""Mambo Italiano" deftly mixes comedy and substance while dealing with the difficulties gay lovers face in their relationship."--"Los Angeles Times."


Steve GalluccioBorn in Montreal, Quebec, Steve Galluccio is a playwright with a delightful flair for comedy. His fast-paced, comic plays, full of popular art and local references and often underscored by a gay sensibility, were coined "Gonzo Theatre" by Montreal critic Gaetan Charlebois. A favourite of the Montreal Fringe Festival for several years, Galluccio went on to win three Gemini Awards the CBC Radio-Canada hit "Un gars, une fille." Galluccio's play "Mambo Italiano," premiered at the Jean Duceppe Theatre in a French version translated by Michel Tremblay and enjoyed an impressive run during the 2000-2001 season, winning both popular and critical acclaim. This play has also been adapted into a full-length screenplay--penned by Galluccio himself and directed by Emile Gaudreault--which was released worldwide in 2003.
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