Intrigue and Treason: The Tudor Court, 1547-1558

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November 2004



An engaging account of how the Tudor monarchy made the transition from Henry's male sphere to Elizabeth's feminine court.
Attention-grabbing dramas of treachery, affairs and executions A fresher perspective on Tudor court life - focus on revels, music and other entertainments Shows what it was like not to have adult males ruling court and country Loades is a major author in this field


Preface List of Illustrations 1. The Functioning of the Court 1540-1547 The Court During the Protectorate 1547-49 Educating and Entertaining a Prince The Politics of the Court 1550-53 The Succession Crisis of July 1553 The Court of a femme seule King Philip The Declining Years 1555-58 Elizabeth The Eye of the Storm Appendix I The Structure of the Court Appendix II The Chief Officers of the Court Select Bibliography Index


David Loades is Honorary Research Professor at the University of Sheffield. His previous publications include 'The Tudor Court' (1992) and 'Elizabeth I' (2003).


'This is a penetrating and colourful study of the mid-Tudor Court. Loades has responded to both the revived interest in Edwardian and Marian politics and the current fascination with the Court to explore and demonstrate the role of the royal home as a political arena and the heart of government. He also provides fresh, stimulating and important assessments of Philip, Elizabeth and other focal figures.' Michael Graves, University of Auckland '...an excellent survey of the most difficult period of Tudor history.' '...well worth reading for those with an interest in Tudor England, or more broadly, Renaissance monarchy in Europe.' Victoria Stater, American Historical Review, February 2006
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