The East Asian Welfare Model: Welfare Orientalism and the State

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August 1998



There is increasing interest in East Asian welfare models as many politicians in both East and seek out examples to underpin their own ideas for reform. In this, the first broad ranging study of the East Asian welfare, the contributors explore the experiences of six societies in East Asia and make clear the realities behind the political rhetoric. They examine the role of the state within welfare systems using case studies of pensions, health insurance, housing and personal social services. The result is the only up-to-date detailed analysis in English of how these various systems have developed and will continue to develop in the future. It will be a valuable and wide ranging resource for both students and policy-makers alike.


"Overall, this is an important addition to the field of comparative social policy. It is the best one on East Asia that is available. The quality of this volume will ensure that it will be an essential reader for many years to come. As the leading text, it will provide insights to researchers who examine the nature and development of East Asian welfare."
-"Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare
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