Always on Call: Holland's Theory and the Study of College Students and Faculty

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November 2004



This substantially updated book presents an intimate look at the world of family caregiving through compelling narratives by caregivers that capture the intensity of the caregiving experience, while chapters by noted health care professionals analyze the impact of caregiving, urge more professional advocacy on behalf of caregivers, and offer insightful suggestions for building partnerships for change and fostering improvement.


Foreword; James R. Tallon, Jr.; 1. Introduction: The Many Worlds of Family Caregivers Carol Levine; Part I: Voices of Family Caregivers; 2. First My Mother, Then My Aunt: A Caregiver's Diary of Alzheimer's Disease Carol Ann Young; 3. A Crisis of Caregiving, a Crisis of Faith Rabbi Gerald I. Wolpe; 4. Learning to Be a Caregiver, Trying to Be a Brother Timothy J. Sweeney; 5. Pushing the Boundaries in Assisted Living: Failures in Caring Robert L. Kane and Joan C. West; 6. Family Caregiving: Both Sides Now Jane Bendetsen; 7. Bringing Up Alex: A Parent Becomes an Advocate Kathryn Cooper Corley; 8. The Courage of Caring Gladys Gonzalez-Ramos; 9. The Loneliness of the Long-Term Care Giver Carol Levine; Part II: The Impact of Caregiving; 10. From Sadness to Pride: Seven Common Emotional Experiences of Caregiving Barry J. Jacobs; 11. Caregiving and the Workplace Gail Gibson Hunt; 12. The Financial Impact of Caregiving Donna L. Wagner; 13. Social Workers, the Health Care Team, and Caregiver Advocacy Terry Altilio and Raymond L. Rigoglioso; 14. The Trouble with Families: Toward an Ethic of Accommodation Carol Levine and Connie Zuckerman; 15. Til Death Do Us Part: Family Caregiving at the End of Life Connie Zuckerman; Part III: Responding to Caregivers' Needs; 16. Caregiving on the Public Policy Agenda Lynn Friss Feinberg; 17. The Visiting Doctors Program: Bringing Care Home Shoshanna Korn-Meyer, Lili Toborg, and Jeremy Boal; 18. Windows to the Heart: A Family-Centered Hospital Unit for Dementia Patients Jeffrey N. Nichols; 19. Connecting Caregivers through Technology Andrea Y. Hort; Part IV: Resources; 20. On the Quest for Resources: A Guide for Caregivers and Professionals Alexis Kuerbis


Carol Levine joined the United Hospital Fund in 1996 as director of its Families and Health Care Project. In 1993 she was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Fellowship for her work in AIDS policy and ethics.

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