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Ever since George Washington warned against "foreign entanglements" in his 1796 farewell speech, the United States has wrestled with how to act toward other countries. Consequently, the history of anti-Americanism is as long and varied as the history of the United States. In this multidisciplinary collection, seventeen leading thinkers provide substance and depth to the recent outburst of fast talk on the topic of anti-Americanism by analyzing its history and currency in five key global regions: the Middle


Introduction; Andrew Ross and Kristin Ross; Part I - Latin America; Greg Grandin: The Narcissism of Violent Differences; Many Louise Pratt: Back Yard with Views; Ana Maria Dopico: The 3:10 to Yuma; George Yudice: U.S. Prepotencia: Latin Americans Respond; Part II - The Middle East; Timothy Mitchell: American Power and Anti-Americanism in the Middle East; Ella Shohat: A Conversation with Rashid Khalidi; Part III - Europe; Mary Nolan: Anti-Americanization in Germany; Kristin Ross: The French Declaration of Independence; Patrick Deer: The Dogs of War: Myths of British Anti-Americanism; Vangelis Calotychos: The Beekeeper, the Icon Painter, Family and Friends: "November 17" and the End of Greek History; Part IV - East Asia; Harry Harootunian: An "Etiquette of Anti-Americanism": Being Japanese in the American Imperium; Hyun Ok Park: Desires for North Korea; Rebecca E. Karl: China's Repressed Returns; Moss Roberts: "We Threaten the World": U.S. Foreign Policy through an Asian Lens; Part V - The United States; Linda Gordon: Hating Amerika: Anti-Americanism and the American Left; Andrew Ross: The Domestic Front; John Kuo Wei Tchen: Vigilante Americanism


Andrew Ross is professor of comparative literature and director of the American studies program at NYU. His books include No Respect: Intellectuals and Popular Culture, The Chicago Gangster Theory of Life: Nature's Deht to Society, No-Collar: The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs, and Real Love: In Pursuit of Cultural Justice (NYU Press, 1998). Kristin Ross is professor of comparative literature at NYU and author of several books, including May '68 and Its After-lives and Fast Cars, Clean Bodies.


"...splendid cover of which features a ravenous man-eating shark...some contributions-especially those by Mary Louise Pratt, Greg Grandin, Timothy Mitchell, Kristin Ross, and Rebecca Karl-are outstanding. Michtell, whose essay "American Power and Anti-Americanism in the Middle East" is truly superb."--BookForum "This timely and thoroughly absorbing book is the best, most comprehensive and most critical survey of anti-Americanism available. A thoughtful antidote to the blah blah blah of CNN and network news, Anti-Americanism provides a subtle unpeeling of US global domination and multiple political and cultural responses to it. If you want to understand what the news is calling anti-Americanism, this is the book to read." --Neil Smith, author of American Empire: Roosevelt's Geographer and The Prelude to Globalization
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