Into the Desert: Reflections for Lent

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November 2004



Lent is a time when Christians go into the desert with Jesus. As a place, the desert is silent and empty--and strangely appealing. But it is also arid, with little to offer in the way of nourishment. To survive there spiritually we must know who we are and come to rely on our foundational relationship with God. We must trust that God will sustain us. According to George Lacey, the desert is a place where we can get some things (such as temptations) out of the way, and deepen our prayer, so that we will better be able to follow the path out of the desert to the place where it takes us. This book is a series of reflections the days of lent, based on the daily scripture readings. Homilists may find it useful. Ordinary Christians will certainly welcome it as a way to go into the desert of lent deliberately and be strengthened by the experience. These quiet meditations lead us step-by-step through the days and weeks, the desiccated landscape of lent, to a place of water and light. Along with prayer, it is nourishment enough.


George Lacey, the author, is a monk of St. Martin's Abbey in Washington State. Father George studied at the Collegio di Sant' Anselmo in Rome and at the Institut catholique in Paris.
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