Bringing the Empire Back Home: France in the Global Age

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Juni 2004



A study of the meaning of culture in contemporary France with an emphasis on anti-globalization and post-colonial regionalism.


Gardarem lo Larzac!; "What you did in Africa, can you comeback to France and do it?"; Combating Guerrilla ethnology; The effect of Le Pen: Pluralism or republicanism?; The dance of the museums


Herman Lebovics is Professor of History at Stony Brook University. He is the author of "Mona Lisa's Escort: Andre Malraux and the Reinvention of French Culture;""True France: The Wars Over Cultural Identity, 1900-1945; "and" The Alliance of Iron and Wheat: Origins of the New Conservatism of the Third Republic, 1860-1914."


"How--and even whether--to preserve their once-homogeneous culture in today's open world is one of France's supreme challenges today. With five sharply-etched case studies of cultural conflict--from the World Cup to museums to the defense of the Larzac plateau--Herman Lebovics casts penetrating light on French struggles to establish who they are and who they want to be."--Robert O. Paxton, author of Europe in the 20th Century "This is a must read that redefines the tenor and terrain of postcolonial scholarship." Ann Laura Stoler, author of Race and the Education of Desire "For those eager to understand the social tensions recently so evident in contemporary France, this book makes an excellent starting point."--History, 2007
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