Two Worlds Are Ours

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John Macquarrie examines here, the lives and writings of a range of Christian mystics, both men and women, over a vast period of time -from Biblical times to present day. He presents their teachings, mostly in their own words, and shows how their ideas and the strength of their beliefs has brought great benefit to the Church over the course of history, and how they can continue to do so today. This is a hugely readable account of Christian mysticism, and its history; at an introductory level.


John Maquarrie is a retired academic living in Oxford. Many influences have shaped his theology over the years. He owes a debt to German existentialism and the thinking of Bultmann in particular. His own background as a member of the Reformed Church in Scotland and later as an Anglican has given him a wide scope to explore the Reformation and its various trajectories. His allegiance to the Catholic wing of Anglicanism gives him a broad sympathy for Catholic theology. This capacious background allows Maquarrie to articulate theological reflections on everything from papal infallibility to Mysticism, which he does here in his own inimitalbe and engaging way.


Macquarrie does provide a stimulating interpretation of both Moses and Paul." Paul Richardson, ENGLAND ON SUNDAY, December 3, 2004. "An unexpectedly accessible examination of the lives and writings of a wide range of Christian mystics... Macquarrie rightly argues that the goal of mysticism - the loving of God and the pursuit of his presence -should be the goal of us all." MINISTRY TODAY "His book is excellently researched and thought provoking." Chris Porteous, THE READER, July/August 2005. "[Two Worlds are Ours] provides the reader with a compendious amount of material to stimulate further investigation; and, most important, it seeks to present the mystics speaking and writing in their own words. (...) a reflective, insightful, and straightforward guide." Canon Dr Robin Ward, Vicar of St John the Baptist, Sevenoaks, Hon. Canon Theologian of Rochester Cathedral, CHURCH TIMES, 22 july 2005.
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