Gender Talk

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"Gender Talk presents a powerful case for the application of discursive psychology to feminism,


Feminism, Discourse and Conversation Analysis: Mapping the Terrain. Gender and Language: 'Sex Difference' Perspectives. Gender and Identity: Poststructuralist and Ethnomethodological Perspectives. A Feminist, Conversation Analytic Approach. Reconceptualizing Gender Identity: 'Hegemonic Masculinity' and 'The World Out There'. Reconceptualizing Prejudice: 'Heterosexist Talk' and 'The World in Here'. Questions, Conclusions and Applications. Postscript: The Future Of Feminist CA: Methodological Issues.


University of Manchester, UK University of Western Sydney


"This is the most comprehensive and groundbreaking work to date in the field of gender and discourse research. Speer has taken gender and language studies beyond the current focus on postmodernism to an engagement with ethnomethodology, conversation analysis and discursive psychology. Speer clinically lays out the theoretical and analytic issues in a range of contemporary perspectives, and in doing so produces a clear, concise yet sophisticated book that is essential reading for anyone interested in gender, language or feminism." - Elizabeth Stokoe, Lecturer in Social Psychology, Loughborough University "I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a cioncise and authoritative account of the potential for feminist discursive research that draws on Conversation Analysis and Discursive Psychology. Undergraduate students of gender and discourse will benefit from the clarity of the arguments and analytic examples. the book ispires, and even demands action from researchers." - Clare Stockhill, St. Martin's College, Carlisle, in Feminism and Psychology, November 2006.
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Untertitel: Feminism, Discourse and Conversation Analysis. 'Women and Psychology'. Sprache: Englisch.
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