Help Your Teenager Succeed at School: A Parent's Guide

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August 2004



Informing parents how they can create the perfect environment to help their teenagers flourish at secondary school, this title covers every aspect of their teenager's schooling, from choosing a suitable secondary school to communicating with teachers.


1. The education system;
2. Choosing a secondary school;
3. Positive parenting;
4. Supporting school learning;
5. Supporting home learning;
6. Nurturing the complete child;
7. When things go wrong 1. The education system; 2. Choosing a secondary school; What to look for; Different types of schools; 3. Positive parenting; Attitudes; Values; Principles; Responsibilities; Discipline; 4. Supporting school learning; Goal setting; Homework (time / place / system); Support systems; Reading; Home-school liaison; Internet; 5. Supporting home learning; TV (strictly limited / chosen with care); Chores (regularly / done willingly); Study skills; Learning days; Outings / holidays; Internet; 6. Nurturing the complete child; Entering adolescence (physical development vs emotional development); Social (family / friends / activities / solo / team); Intellectual; Physical (exercise / rest / nourishment); Spiritual (self / other-than-self); Emotional (i'm ok / you're ok); 7. When things go wrong; Children's rights; Parent's rights; exclusions / appeals


The author of two of our Classmates books and a successful father, Michael Papworth has taught in schools for twenty years. He runs his own web publishing business (www.braintrainer.co.uk).
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