The Book of Luck: Brilliant Ideas for Creating Your Own Success and Making Life Go Your Way

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Dezember 2004



Are some people just born lucky? The answer is no, people control their own fortunes. The Book of Luck will show you that there is a way to structure your luck and to bring success into your life and into your control. It will show you how to be lucky, always, demonstrating what has gone wrong in the past and outlining what you need to know for the future. Summers and Watson use extensive research and draw on their personal experiences both professionally and personally, to bring you a book crammed full of practical tips on how to turn the tide of your luck.
This book will appeal to people who want to move up in life, people who have been made redundant, people who have plateaued in their careers and people who are ambitious for the next step - or simply people who want to make more of themselves in a business or personal context. The Book of Luck shows you how to:
* choose your own luck
* use social situations to increase your potential for luck
* use your own personal strengths to increase your luck
* choose how you respond to situations and maximise your luck
* train your mind to expect long term success
* develop a good luck mindset.


Introduction: Chance Your Luck.
1. Control-Ability.
2. Stick-Ability.
3. Risk-Ability.
4. Sense-Ability.
5. Socia-Ability.
6. Percept-Ability.
7. Person-Ability.
Case Studies.
Luck in Your Business.


Heather Summers is an experienced senior executive who now runs her own successful human resources and management consultancy business. As well as strategic consultancy she specialises in executive coaching, personal growth coaching and training. Heather believes we all have much more potential than we give ourselves credit for. All the training that she is involved in, including the Luck Workshops she runs with Anne Watson, help people find and fulfil that potential.

Heather holds an MBA, has an MA in English Literature and French, is qualified in Psychometrics and is a Master Practitioner of NLP. She is married with 2 children and lives in Harrogate.

Anne Watson runs an executive search business that focuses on finding high achieving executives for businesses, and works with teams to ensure that they achieve their potential. In 1998 she sold a successful business, gaining the freedom to work in those areas that she is most passionate about. This includes running Luck Workshops with Heather Summers and challenging participants to take charge of their own destiny and outperform their own expectations. She has an MA Hons in Hispanic Languages, speaks four other languages including Urdu, is a qualified psychometrician and is a Master Practitioner in NLP. She is married with 2 children and divides her time between London and Harrogate.

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"...(the authors) reveal the seven personality traits that can bring you luck..." (Mail on Sunday - You magazine, 14th November 2004)
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