Mary, Mother and Warrior

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November 2004



A Mother who nurtures, empathizes, and heals . . . a Warrior who defends, empowers, and resists oppression. . . the Virgin Mary plays many roles for the peoples of Spain and Spanish-speaking America. Devotion to the Virgin inspired and sustained medieval and Renaissance Spaniards as they liberated Spain from the Moors and set about the conquest of the New World. Devotion to the Virgin still inspires and sustains millions of believers today throughout the Americas. This wide-ranging and highly readable book explores the veneration of the Virgin Mary in Spain and the Americas from the colonial period to the present. Linda Hall begins the story in Spain and follows it through the conquest and colonization of the New World, with a special focus on Mexico and the Andean highlands in Peru and Bolivia, where Marian devotion became combined with indigenous beliefs and rituals. Moving into the nineteenth century, Hall looks at national cults of the Virgin in Mexico, Bolivia, and Argentina, which were tied to independence movements. In the twentieth century, she examines how Eva Peron linked herself with Mary in the popular imagination; visits contemporary festivals with significant Marian content in Spain, Peru, and Mexico; and considers how Latinos/as in the United States draw on Marian devotion to maintain familial and cultural ties.


I. Introduction; II. The Spanish Reverence; III. Discoverers, Conquerors, and Mary; IV. Our Lady in Mexico: Catechisms, Confessions, Dramas, and Visions; V. Mexico: Images, Fiestas, Miracles, and Apparitions; VI. The Andean Virgin; VII. The Virgin as National Symbol: The Cases of Bolivia, Mexico, and Argentina; VIII. Evita and Maria: Religious Reverence and Political Resonance in Argentina; IX. Marian Celebrations at the Turn of the Millennium; X. Mary Moves North: Aspects of National Identity and Cultural Dissemination; XI. Conclusion


" ... a magnificent overview of the complex phenomenon of Marianism in the Hispanic World, from the Islamic frontier of medieval Spain to the teeming barrios of the American Southwest." Luis Martin, Kahn Professor Emeritus of History, Southern Methodist University
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