Three Trapped Tigers

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Many of Cuba's intellectuals embraced the Castro regime, but Guillermo Cabrera Infante, who criticized it, was condemned as a traitor and forced into exile. From this bitter experience, which included his hospitalization for mental collapse, came the vivid sketches of Cuban life that made up the acclaimed "View of Dawn from the Tropics". In exile he revised this work into "Three Trapped Tigers", a savage comedy that catapulted him into the first rank of Latin American novelist.


Born in Cuba, Guillermo Cabrera Infante (1929-2005) was a supporter of the revolution and a cultural attache under Castro's regime until his journal was censored and shut down by the new government. In 1965 he went into exile and became one of the earliest and most outspoken of Castro's Cuban critics. He produced both fiction and nonfiction, including the novel Infante's Inferno and the "history" Holy Smoke. He was also the screenwriter of such acclaimed and notorious films as Vanishing Point and Wonderwall.


"It now seems utterly extraordinary that anyone can write brilliant prose in more than one language; we marvel at a Nabokov, a Beckett, a Cabrera Infante." - Susan Sontag; "With Three Trapped Tigers Cabrera Infante enters the front rank of Latin American novelists. The book belongs with Cortazar's Hopscotch, Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude, and Donoso's The Obscure Bird of Night." - New York Review of Books"
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