The Principles of Economics: Some Lies My Teacher Told Me

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September 1995



Boland's book will help a new generation of economists to overcome the traditional economic metaphysics, exploring the central questions by - hopefully - more testable, realistic concepts. This book is about forming effective critiques of neoclassical economics. Its focus is on constructive criticism of the foundations of neoclassical theory, beginning with what Alfred Marshall called the Principles of Economics'. It concludes that there is still much that can be done to make neoclassical economics more realistic.


Part I 1. Hypothesis 2. Marshall's 'Principles' and the 'Element of Time' 3. Marshall's 'Principle of Continuity' 4. Axiomatic Analysis of Equilibrium States 5. Axiomatic Analysis of Disequilibrium States Part II: Some Neglected Elements 6. Knowledge in Neoclassical Economic Theory 7. A Naive Theory of Technology and Change 8. Knowledge and Institutions in Economic Theory Part III: Some Missing Elements 9. The Foundations of Keynes' Methodolgy 10. Individualism without Psychology 11. Methodology and the Individual Decision-maker Part IV: Some Technical Questions 12. Lexicographic Orderings 13. Revealed Preference vs Ordinal Demand 14. Giffen Goods vs Market Determined Prices Epilogue: Learning Economic Theory through Criticism


"The book is a scholarly, incisive exploration into the foundational assumptions of economics that provides a welcome step in the continuing exposition of the world according to Boland. . . . there is much insight and knowledge to be gained from Boland and his approach . . .."
-"Journal of Economic Literature, 9/93
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