Migration and the International Labor Market 1850-1939

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September 1994



Migration and the International Labor Market 1850-1939 focuses on the economic aspects of international migration during the era of mass migrations.


Preface Table of Contents Part I: Introduction 1. International Migration 1850-1939: A Survey Timothy J. Hatton and Jeffrey G. Williamson Part II: Why Did They Migrate? 2. Labor Markets, Internal and External Migration: Europe 1850-1913 Dudley Baines 3. Late-Comers to Mass Migration: The Latin Experience Timothy J. Hatton and Jeffrey G. Williamson 4. Italian Emigration in the Pre-War Period Riccardo Faini and Alessandra Venturini 5. Mass Migration to Distant Southern Shores: Argentina and Australia, 1870-1939 Alan M. Taylor Part III: How Were They Absorbed? 6. Foreign Immigration and the French Labor Force, 1896-1926 Pierre Sicsic 7. Immigration and Emigration: Canada in the Late Nineteenth Century Marvin McInnis 8. International Migration and the Evolution of Prairie Labor Markets in Canada, 1900-1930 Alan G. Green 9. Immigrants and Emigrants: International Migration and the US Labor Market in the Great Depression Henry A. GemeryPart IV: What Was Their Impact? 10 Mass Migration, Commodity Market Integration and Real Wage Convergence: the Late-Nineteenth-Century Atlantic Economy Kevin O'Rourke, Jeffrey G. Williamson and Timothy J. Hatton 11. The Impact of Emigration on Real Wages in Ireland, 1850-1914 George R. Boyer, Timothy J. Hatton and Kevin O'Rourke 12. Wage Effects of Immigration in Late-Nineteenth-Century Australia David Pope and Glenn Withers Bibliography Index


..."by articulating the lessons of history in terms of current policy issues, this volume provides a solid basis for future work bridging the gaps between history and modern labor economics.... The quality of the empirical analyses is high and the selection of topics is interesting."
-Carmel U. Chiswick, "Journal of Economic Literature
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