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A highly damaging analysis of "The New York Times", demonstrating how, over the last fifty years, they have misreported the facts related to the wars waged by the United States.


"There could hardly be a more critical issue today that whether the world will be governed by the rule of law or the unilateral resort to force. This closely argued and penetrating study reviews half a century of increasing contempt for law and preference for force from a dual perspective: US Government policy, and 'journalistic malfeasance with far-reaching implications for constitutionalism in the United States and the rule of law for our country and the world' - no exaggeration, as the authors demonstrate in meticulous detail. The Record of the Paper should be read and pondered carefully, and taken as a call for action by concerned citizens. - Noam Chomsky "Friel and Falk provide a thorough and convincing analysis of how the New York Times advocated for the Iraq invasion, avoiding dissenting views, ignored global opinion and established fact, and dismissed the relevance of international law. Perhaps most importantly, this book frames the shameful coverage of Iraq within the culture of the New York Times, with its consistent endorsement of US foreign policy from Vietnam to Nicaragua, Venezuela to Iraq. Read this book and join the fight for an independent media." - Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!


Howard Friel is founder and president of Differentiated Information, Inc., an information services company (www.diffinfo.net), and is the author of Dogs of War: The Wall Street Journal and the Right-Wing Campaign Against International Law, 2005. Richard Falk was the Albert G. Milbank Professor Emeritus of International Law and Practice at Princeton University, and since 2002 has been Visiting Professor of Global Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. His most recent books include Unlocking the Middle East and The Great Terror War.
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