Deerproofing Your Yard & Garden

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April 2005



To help homeowners cope with the growing deer population and keep up with the latest in deer control, Hart has revised her original book, adding more than 60 pages of new material on how anyone can protect their yard and garden from deer.


..".a practical...paperback that offers beleaguered homeowners advice on designing a garden that deer will find unappealing." --"Country Living" "This paperback book tells you...how to confuse deer and how to design a landscape that deer won't like." --"Austin American-Statesman" "The book teaches you how to create a landscape to deter deer, which deer products work, and which ones don't." --"Des Moines Register" "This handy guide offers steps to make gardens less appetizing using effective, environmentally responsible techniques." --"Indianapolis Star" "" "Hart...not only gives deer-proofing ideas, but she explains deer behavior and preferences so readers can better under what attracts and deters the animals." "--Akron Beacon Journal" ..".Hart helps homeowners develop a strategy to discourage uninvited diners..." "--Akron Beacon Journal" ..".Hart's compilation of research, product information, and source lists is sure to be valued by those dealing with this problem . . . highly recommended for public libraries, particularly in suburban and rural locations." --"Library Journal" "If deer raids on the garden are a problem, here is the solution." --"Booklist"
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