Profilers: Leading Investigators Take You Inside the Criminal Mind

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September 2004



Fifteen internationally recognized homicide investigators share insights gained from decades of experience tracking notorious criminals.


John H. Campbell, Ph.D. (St. Cloud, MN), is a professor in the criminal justice department at St. Cloud State University, the former Unit Chief of the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, and the coauthor (with Don DeNevi) of Into the Minds of Madmen.
Don DeNevi (Menlo Park, CA) is the author, or coauthor, of thirty-five books, including Into the Minds of Madmen (with John H. Campbell) and Mob Nemesis: How the FBI Crippled Organized Crime (with FBI Special Agent in Charge Joe Griffin). Having previously taught in the criminal justice department at San Francisco State University, he now teaches and counsels the condemned on San Quentin's death row.
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