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In the last years of World War II, 1944-45, the Waffen-SS formed many nominal 'divisions' from a motley range of sources, whose battlefield value was as varied as their backgrounds. The best were built around existing Western European volunteer regiments; some, raised from Central Europeans and Russians, were strong in numbers but weak in morale; some were of negligible size, scraped together from remnants and trainees; and some were sinister 'anti-partisan' gangs, assembled from the military dregs of the Eastern Front. Illustrated with rare photographs from private collections and meticulous colour artwork, this final title in our sequence details their organisation, uniforms and insignia, and summarises their battle records.


24. 'Karstjager';
25. 'Hunyadi';
26. 'Hungaria';
27. 'Langemarck';
28. 'Wallonien';
29. (italienische);
32. '30 Januar';
33. 'Charlemagne';
34. 'Landstorm Nederland';
35. SS und Polizei Gren. Div.;
37. 'Lutzow';
38. 'Niberlungen';
Volunteer legions


Gordon Williamson was born in 1951 and currently works for the Scottish Land Register. He spent seven years with the Military Police TA and has published a number of books and articles on the decorations of the Third Reich and their winners. He is the author of a number of World War II titles for Osprey. Stephen Andrew was born in 1961 in Glasgow, where he still lives and works. An entirely self-taught artist, he worked in advertising and design agencies before going freelance in 1993. Military history is his passion, and in the past few years he has established himself as a respected artist in this field. Since 1997 he has illustrated several Men-at-Arms titles including volume 306: 'Chinese Civil War Armies 1911-49', and books on the German and Italian armies of World War II.


"This book is great value for money and is a veritable gold mine of information for historians interested in the death throes of the Third Reich and for modellers seeking to depict "the right unit in the right place". With the other 3 volumes, it builds up a comprehensive set. Recommended." -Rowan Baylis, "Historicus Forma "(January 2005)
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