Housing Policy: An Introduction

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"Housing Policy: An Introduction" provides an accessible introduction by describing policies and explaining their effects, as well as analysing recent changes and their implications, using practical examples. It is ideal for the student tackling housing policy at all levels, but also as a background to current housing policy for researchers and professional practitioners. It provides a strong foundation in housing policy for students taking qulaifications in housing, urban studies, social policy and social administration.


1. Introduction Part I: The supply of new and renovated housing 2. Housing investment 3. House building 4. Housing rehabilitation policy Part II: Housing markets and housing tenure 5. Housing finance 6. Private rented housing 7. Local authority housing 8. Privatisation and stock transfer 9. Housing associations 10. Owner-occupation Part III: Single issues in housing policy 11. Affordability 12. Regional disparities 13. Regeneration 14. Social exclusion 15. Housing and community support 16 Housing and the elderly 17. Gender and housing 18. Black and Ethnic minorities and housing 19. Homelessness 20. Conclusions


'... a most useful text for students of housing, planning, urban geography and other similar courses.' - Town Planning Review 'A perceptive and up-to-date critical analysis of current government policies towards housing.' - Government and Policy
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