Health Operations Management: Patient Flow Logistics in Health Care

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August 2005



Focusing on the mannagement of patient flows and resources in and between healthcare organizations, this book will include both a theoretical framework and case studies for practical use by students. Addressing one of the key challenges associated with the healthcare industry, this textbook leads readers across geographical boundaries and through the logical steps taken in health operations management and its development.


1. Introduction 2. Health Operations Management: Introduction of Basic Terminology 3. A Framework for Hospital Production Control 4. Products and Processes 5. Resources 6. Description and Analysis of the Care Process for a Hospital Specialty 7. Admission Planning and Patient Mix 8. Developing Duty Rota Schedules for Specialists Using Multiple Criteria 9. Business Planning for Surgical Specialities: Balancing Waiting Lists and Output 10. Waiting List Evaluation: Priority Criteria 11. Resource Allocation at Annual Level: A Method for Hospital Production Planning 12. Cardio Care Units: Modelling the Interaction of Resources 13. Long Term Hospital Resource Requirements 14. Service Policies Modelling


Jan Vissers is professor in Health Operations Management at the institute for Health Policy and Management of Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. His other affiliations are Eindhoven University of Technology and Prismant - an institute for health care management research and development in Utrecht. Roger Beech is a Reader in Health Services Research, Keele University, and the Academic Lead for Research, Central Cheshire Primary Care Trust.
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