Sexual Behaviour and AIDS in the Developing World

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September 1995



Based on the findings of a research project conducted by the World Health Organisation, this book contains unpublished material on AIDS-related knowledge and sexual behaviour in countries in Africa, Asia and South America, including: Cote d'Ivoire; Kenya; Lesotho; Mauritius; Tanzania; Sri Lanka; Singapore; Thailand and Brazil. The book provides an in-depth comparative analysis of the findings from 16 key surveys in the original research programme, the aim of which was to identify baseline levels of sexual and other risk behaviours. The text is intended to be of use to a wide range of readers, including those working in health education, social and behavioural research, anthropology, social medicine and sexual behaviour research.


Historical Introduction; Characteristics of Survey and Data Quality; AIDS Knowledge, Awareness and Attitudes; Sexual Behaviour; Condoms: Awareness, Attitudes and Use; Risk Perception and Behavioural Change; Risk Factors Related to HIV Transmission: Sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol consumption, and medically-related injections; Summary and Conclusions.
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