Competency Based Education and Training

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September 1989



A selection of papers from the first symposium devoted to competency based learning held in March 1989. The book provides an historical backdrop for anyone coming new to the study of Competency-Based Education and Training CBET.


Competence based education and training - background and origins, Eric Tuxworth; competence and standards, Bob Mansfield; can competency and knowledge mix?, Alison Wolf; the definition of standards and their assessment, Lindsay Mitchell; the emerging model of vocational education and training, Gilbert Jessup; the employment department/training agency standards programme in NVQs - implications for education, Graham Debling; curriculum implications, Geoff Stanton; an achievement-led college, Jenny Shackleton; the implementation of NVQs, John Burke; implications of the implementation of competence based curricula in FE, Allan Brown and Ian Haffenden; initial teacher training and the NCVQ model, Michael Eraut; emerging issues - the response of HE to competency based approaches, Tim Oates.
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