Cognition, Emotion and Psychopathology

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Oktober 2004



This edited collection is a tribute to Andrew Mathews, distinguished researcher in cognition and emotion. It presents a 'state of the art' account of the cognitive--clinical literature and sets an agenda for future work. The book is structured around theoretical, empirical and clinical approaches.


An introduction and synthesis Jenny Yiend; Andrew Mathews: a brief history of a clinical scientist T. D. Borkovec; Part I. Theoretical Approaches: 1. The positive and negative consequences of worry in the etiology of generalized anxiety disorder: a learning theory perspective Susan Mineka; 2. Trait anxiety, repressors, and cognitive biases Michael W. Eysenck; 3. A cognitive-motivational perspective on the processing of threat information and anxiety Karin Mogg and Brendan P. Bradley; 4. Maintenance or capture of attention in anxiety related biases? Elaine Fox; Part II. Empirical Directions: 5. Habits of thought produce memory biases in anxiety and depression Paula Hertel; 6. Anxiety and the resolution of ambiguity Anne Richards; 7. Dissociative methods in the study of emotion Andrew D. Lawrence, Fionnuala C. Murphy and Andrew J. Calder; 8. The causal status of anxiety-linked attentional and interpretive bias Colin MacLeod, Lynlee Campbell, Elizabeth Rutherford and Edward Wilson; 9. The experimental modification of processing biases Jenny Yiend and Bundy Mackintosh; Part III. Clinical Perspectives: 10. Maintenance mechanisms in social anxiety: an integration of cognitive biases and emotional processing theory Jonathan D. Huppert and Edna B. Foa; 11. Mental imagery and social phobia Colette R. Hirsch and David M. Clark; 12. Experimental cognitive psychology and clinical practice: autobiographical memory as a paradigm case J. Mark G. Williams; 13. Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy John D. Teasdale; 14. Clinical difficulties to revisit Gillian Butler.


Jenny Yiend is a Research Fellow at the Dept of Psychiatry, University of Oxford. She was previously a research scientist at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge.


'Reading through Cognition, Emotion and Psychopathology is a remarkable experience. This book is Andrew Mathews' Festschrift. Its scope is comprehensive which reflects the stature of this remarkable man.' Psychological Medicine
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