The Politics of Personalised Medicine: Pharmacogenetics in the Clinic

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Dezember 2004



This book applies a social science perspective to an examination of issues that arise in clinical practice as a result of drug development linked to genetic testing. These include the social context within which new drugs undergo trials and the related attitudes and expectations of clinicians and patients. Two case studies illustrate the arguments--one on aspects of Alzheimer's disease, and the other on the drug Herceptin which is used in the treatment of breast cancer.


1. Personalised medicine - a revolution in health care; 2. Pharmacogenetics, expectation and promissory science; 3. Genetics, moral risk and professional resistance; 4. Clinical resistance to Alzheimer's pharmacogenetics; 5. Research, industry and pharmacogenetic literacy; 6. Engineering the clinic - getting personalised medicine into practice; 7. The fourth hurdle - cost effectiveness and the funding of pharmacogenetics; 8. Disappointment and disclosure in the pharmacogenetic clinic; 9. The personalised is political.


Adam Hedgecoe is Lecturer at the Department of Sociology, University of Sussex. He has published in Science, Technology and Human Values, Social Studies of Science, Sociology of Health and Illness, and Bioethics.


"Well organized and well written, this book is a useful, relevant and timely read for social scientists interested in issues of science, technology, biomedicine, and healthcare" - Ryan Reikowsky, University of Arizona. "As a study in the social construction of scientific and clinical knowledge, this book can hardly be bettered. It is clearly and interestingly written, and the reader cannot fail to be impressed by the subtleties of Hedgecoe's argument." - Richard Ashcroft, Queen Mary, University of London, UK "It is conceptually innovative and empirically grounded, and points to a new way of looking at the process of technical change in medicine. - Paul Martin, University of Nottingham, UK "...Hedgecoe's study both illumniates new perspectives on pharmacogenetics, and serves as a welcome corrective to work within medical sociology which...implicityly depreciates the role of politics in medicine." Linsey McGoey, London School of Economics and Political Science, British Journal of Sociology "...this work is an extremely useful addition to STS and to anyone interested in a long-term perspective on drug development." -Emily Marden, Science, Technology & Human Values
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