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*Learn to produce portfolio-ready artwork
*Insight, tips, and industry advice from leading experts, paralleled with tutorials help you delve further into Photoshop
*Offers real-world advice and experience


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Matt Kloskowski is a writer, instructor, illustrator, and graphic designer based out of Tampa, Florida. In addition to being an Adobe Certified Expert, Kloskowski holds certifications in Macromedia Flash, and is an expert in dynamic/database driven website development. Kloskowski hosts both Illustrator and Photoshop websites (www.extremeillustrator.com, and www.extremephotoshop.com), where he provides tutorials on all aspects of the two programs. His tutorials have been used in over fifteen schools throughout the United States and have been translated into seven languages. Kloskowski authored Illustrator CS Most Wanted: Techniques and Effects (friends of ED, 2004), and writes a weekly column for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) and Mac Design Magazine's website. In his spare time, Matt Kloskowski enjoys jogging, golfing, playing video games, and spending time with his wife, Diana, and two toddler sons, Ryan and Justin, in their Tampa-suburb town.

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