Modern Moral Philosophy: Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement: 54

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November 2004



Although this collection of articles is not formally a commentary on Elizabeth Anscombe's famous article of the same title, in which she criticized the moral philosophy prevalent in 1958, a number of the contributors consider Anscombe's work as a starting point. The collection can be interpreted as a demonstration of the extent to which moral philosophers have since attempted to respond to Anscombe's challenge, and to develop an approach to their subject which is neither based on divine law nor permissive of the impermissible.


Rationality and goodness Philippa Foot; Acting well Anselm Winfried Muller; Apprehending human form Michael Thompson; Does modern moral philosophy rest on a mistake? Roger Crisp; Absolutes and particulars Tim Chappell; On the so-called logic of practical inference A. W. Price; Absolute prohibitions without divine promises Sabina Lovibond; Moral obligation Thomas Pink; The lesser evil Avishai Margalit; The ethics of co-operation in wrongdoing David S. Oderberg; Authority Roger Teichmann; The force of numbers Joseph Raz; Reason, intention, and choice: an essay in practical philosophy Gavin Lawrence; Modern moral philosophy and the problem of relevant descriptions Onora O'Neill.
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