Effective Curriculum Management

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Written by experienced teachers and teacher trainers, this book focuses on:
*the issues which curriculum co-ordinators need to consider
*how best to manage the learning of pupils within the school
*how to promote a quality curriculum across the key stages
*factors affecting the wider curriculum such as IT, differentiation, the use of outside agencies and the role of the head teacher.
It also takes each subject area in turn and for each examines the key areas of:
*knowledge, skills and understanding
*teaching styles
*learning approaches


Introduction Part I:The Work of the Curriculum Co-ordinator 1.Teaching, Learning and the Co-ordinator 2.The Role of the Co-ordinator 3.The role of the Co-ordinator Auditing for Development 4.An Inspector calls: the role of the curriculum co-ordinator in inspection 5.Quality and the Primary School Curriculum 6.Supporting New Teachers Part II:Promoting a Quality Curriculum 7.Co-ordinating the English Curriculum 8.Mathematics Science 10.Design and Technology 11.History 12.Gegraphy 13.Co-ordinating the Physical Education Curriculum 14.Art 15.Music 16.Religious Education Part III:The Extended Curriculum 17.Getting Started: the process of implementation 18.A Curriculum for All 19.Co-ordinating Information Technology in the Primary School 20.Using Help from Beyond the School 21.Conclusion: co-ordination teaching or learning?
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