Greek Sanctuaries: New Approaches

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Juni 1995



A collection of articles about the function of sanctuaries in Archaic and Classical Greece. The book deals with the origins, historical developments and social functions of sanctuaries.


Preface 1. Early sanctuaries, the eighth century and ritual space: fragments of a discourse Christiane Sourvinou-Inwood 2. The origins of Panhellenism Catherine Morgan 3. Ritual dining at Corinth Nancy Bookidis 4. Three related sanctuaries of Poseidon: Geraistos, Kalaureia and Tainaron Rob W.M. Schumacher 5. Greek sanctuaries as places of refuge Ulrich Sinn 6. The sanctuary of Demeter and Kore at Eleusis Kevin Clinton 7. The Heraion at Samos Helmut Kyrieleis 8. The evolution of a Panhellenic sanctuary: from archaeology towards history at Isthmia Elizabeth R. Gebhard 9. Concorida Discors: the literary and archaeological evidence on the sanctuary of Samothrace Walter Burkert 10. Twenty-five years of research on Greek sanctuaries - a bibliography Erik Ostby 11. What were Greek Sanctuaries? A synthesis Nanno Marinatos


'A remarkably stimulating and informative collection ... When it comes out in paperback, every classics graduate student should buy it.' ? Bryn Mawr Classical Review
'Nine articles, all of them good, and some of them really excellent, supported by an extremely detailed and complete bibliographical essay ... an exceptional volume' ? Greece and Rome
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