A Good Death: Conversations with East Londoners

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Juni 1996



A Good Death is based on a survey in East London and provides a wide range of fascinating and helpful insights into all aspects of experiencing death and surviving grief.The voices in the book are those of people who have managed to cope despite being under the shadow of impending death. Their experience could be a comfort to anybody in a similar situation. A Good Death is intended for people who are dying, for their lay and professional carers and for student doctors, nurses and social workers.


"The insight presented here into various aspects of death and surviving grief is based on a study in East London. Comments presented come mainly from those who have coped despite impending death, and those in a similar situation may find these experiences comforting."
-Abstracts in Social Gerontology: Currnet Literature on Aging, December 1997 Vol.40 NO.4
"There are four ways to approach death: the rational, the spiritual, the humorous and the poetic. This book . . . adopted all four . . . an extraordinary mixture of sociological inquiry, philosophical speculation and guidance for the dying and the bereaved."
-Dr. Murray Parkes, London Hospital Medical College
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