Reclaiming the City: Mixed Use Development

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November 1996



Mixed use development is about retaining or creating a mix of different uses in cities or neighbourhoods. The trend in UK development has been towards specialisation and areas with single uses. Increasing the mix of uses is thought to reduce the need to travel, lower the likelihood of crime, improve the ambience and attractiveness of areas and contribute to the sustainability of cities.


Preface. An introduction to mixed use development. Part One: Why study mixed use development? A history of mixed uses. Mixed use development as an agent of sustainability. Cities, tourism and mixed uses. Part Two: Mixed use development: theory. Mixed use development and the property market. Mixed uses and urban design. Crime and mixed use development. Part Three: Mixed use development in practice. Local policy and mixed uses. Why developers build mixed use schemes. Mixed use and exclusion in the international city. Mixed use development: some conclusions. Index.


"This is a very good book that deserves to be widely read by planners, architects, academics and, if they can be persuaded, by local politicians. ...well produced and represents sound value."
-Philip Kivell, University of Keele
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