Feminist Review: Issue 46

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A unique combination of the activist and the academic, Feminist Review has an acclaimed place within women's studies courses and the women's movement. Feminist Review is produced by a London-based editorial collective and publishes and reviews work by women; featuring articles on feminist theory, race, class and sexuality, women's history, cultural studies, Black and Third World feminism, poetry, photography, letters and much more. Feminist Review is available both on annual subscription and from bookstores. For a Free Sample Copy or for further subscription details please contact: Trevina Johnson, Routledge Subscriptions, ITPS Ltd, Cheriton House, North Way, Andover SP10 5BE. UK.


Power and Desire: the Embodiment of Female Sexuality (based on interviews with young women) Janet Holland, Caroline Ramazanoglu, Sue Sharpe and Rachel Thomson; Chips, Coke and Rock'n'Roll: Children's Mediation of an Invitation to a First Dance Party (with children's drawings of a party) Amy B. Rossiter; The Pervert's Progress: an Analysis of 'The Story of O' and the Beauty Trilogy (a discussion of two pornographic books) Amalia Ziv; Dis-Graceful Images: Della Grace and Lesbian Sadomasochism (an article on a book of photographs) Reina Lewis; A Girton Girl on the Throne: Queen Christina and Versions of Lesbianism, 1906-1933 (changing interpretations of the sexuality of Queen Christina of Sweden) Sarah Waters; 2 Poems: One Thing Needed and Two Huntington Sonnets Rhoda Jangen PLUS reviews, noticeboard
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