Max Weber

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September 1994



This book is the first account of the way in which Weber appropriated and modified sources in the legal tradition, in which he was trained, to construct his sociology. It leads directly to a new understanding of Weber's intent and his relations to the tradition of social and political theory. the book takes the reader into the heart of Weber's conceptualizations of action and social science, without ever giving the impression that these are rarefied and marginal issues. This is an important book for understanding the significance of one of the key sociologist's of the twentieth century.


Preface 1. Introduction 2. Common Starting Points: The World Created by Purpose and the Concept of Action 3. Interests and Ideals 4. The Commands of Morality 5. Authority: States, Charisma, and Recht 6. Cause 7. Abstraction 8. Epilogue References Appendix


"In this important and original book, Factor and Turner discover a new intellectual context for Max Weber's sociology.."
"Beautifully structured and written ... it establishes its thematics and points so effectively that it is bound to become a very frequent reference source.."
-Martin Albrow, Roehampton Institute
"This book makes an original and substantial (though by no means uncontroversial) contribution to the philosophically oriented literature on Max Weber."
-"Contemporary Sociology
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