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Written by the leading authors Colin Renfrew and Paul Bahn, "Archaeology: The Key Concepts" is an invaluable resource, providing an up-to-date and comprehensive survey of the key terms and their impact on archaeological thinking and method.

Entries include:

- Thinking about landscape

- Archaeology of cult and religion

- Cultural evolution

- Concepts of time

- Urban societies

- The Antiquity of Man

- Archaeology of gender

- Feminist archaeology

- Experimental archaeology

- Multiregional evolution

Each entry offers a definition of the term, explaining its origin and development, as well as a guide to further reading and extensive cross-referencing. This book is a superb guide for anyone studying or teaching the subject or with an interest in archaeology.


List of Key Concepts. Contributors. Introduction. Key Concepts. Index


Colin Renfrew is Disney Professor of Archaeology and Director of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research in Cambridge. Paul Bahn is a freelance writer.
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