Fred Williams: An Australian Vision/Etchings, Drawings and Gouaches in the British Museum

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Dezember 2004



Fred Williams (1927-82) is a key figure in Australian art of the second half of the twentieth century, best known for his paintings of the Australian landscape. Printmaking, which he took up in London in 1954, was always of central importance in his work, and no other Australian artist of comparable stature produced such a large and significant body of prints, the vast majority of them etchings. From the beginning Williams' practice as an etcher closely paralleled his development as a painter, and a striking feature of his work is the cross-fertilization of ideas and motifs between his painting and his printmaking. After five years spent working and studying in London, where his subject-matter focused on the music hall, Williams returned to Australia in late 1956 and realized immediately that he wanted to concentrate on painting the Australian landscape. Within months his distinctive vision began to emerge. Etching played a primary role in the development of his understanding of the subject, imposing the need to simplify and render abstract the motif. Williams' portrayal of the Australian landscape through a discrete language of marks and new compositional formats profoundly transformed the way in which that landscape is viewed today.


Collecting Australian prints at the British Museum, Stephen Coppel; the graphic art of Fred Williams, Irena Zdanowicz; introduction; the early years in Melbourne; London and the first etchings; homecoming and the first landscape prints; towards maturity; the final years; the plates.
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