Mac OS X Tiger for Dummies

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April 2005



LeVitus, one of the biggest names in the Mac community, delivers just what Mac users need to get up and running fast with Mac OS X Tiger.


Introduction. Part I: Introducing Mac OS X Tiger. Chapter 1: Mac OS X Tiger 101 (Prerequisites: None). Chapter 2: I Think Icon, I Think Icon ... Chapter 3: About Windows (Not the Microsoft Kind) and Menus. Part II: Rounding Out Your Basic Training. Chapter 4: Newfangled Finder. Chapter 5: Mastering the Save Sheet and the Open Dialog. Chapter 6: File Management without Tearing Your Hair Out. Chapter 7: Haggling with Removable Media. Chapter 8: Back Up Now or Regret It Later. Part III: Doing Stuff with Your Mac. Chapter 9: Internet-Working. Chapter 10: Publish or Perish: The Fail-Safe Guide to Printing. Chapter 11: Application Overload. Chapter 12: The Classic Environment: Like Mac OS 9, Only Better. Chapter 13: What Your Mac Prefers. Part IV: Networking & Troubleshooting. Chapter 14: Mine! Miiiiine! Sharing Your Mac and Liking It. Chapter 15: Troubleshooting Mac OS X. Part V: The Part of Tens. Chapter 16: Ten (Or So) Ways to Speed Up Your Mac Experience. Chapter 17: Ten (Or So) Ways to Make Your Mac Better by Throwing Money at It. Chapter 18: Ten (Or So) Great Web Sites for Mac Freaks. Chapter 19: Ten (Or So) Mac OS X Apps That You Might Need Someday. Appendix: Installing or Reinstalling Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (Only If You Have To). Index.


Bob LeVitus reaches over a million readers weekly with his "Dr. Mac" column in the Houston Chronicle. This is his 49th computer book in his 19th year as a writer.


"...with the friendly and expert advice in this book you'll tame the Tiger in no time..." (Mac User, July 2006)
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