An Uneasy Relationship: American Jewish Leadership and Israel, 1948-1957

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Februar 2005



Set in the first decade of modern Israel's existence, this volume offers an insightful look at the changing relationship of American Jews and the reborn Jewish nation/state. It is the first in-depth analysis of the subject during this key period. As the Cold War rages, leaders in all camps are shown attempting to shape and control the tangled circumstances that engulf them--especially American Jewish Committee president Jacob Blaustein, Israeli founding father David Ben-Gurion, and American presidents Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower. Tapping into private correspondence, diaries, oral history interviews, scholarly literature and other archival materials. Zvi Ganin provides a richly detailed look at motivations, passions, and attitudes of Jewish and Israeli leaders on numerous issues--none more affecting than in the stormy debate over dual loyalty.


Zvi Ganin is the author of Truman, American Jewry, and Israel, 1945-1949, and Kiryat Hayyim: Experiment in an Urban Utopia (in Hebrew) and has written extensively on American Jewish and Israeli history. He lives in Israel.

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