Teachers Who Teach Teachers

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August 1995



This is a reflection on the education of teachers, written by teacher educators who discuss features of their work and the challenges facing teacher education in the 1990s. The book invites the reader to attempt similar analyses of personal practice and development in their own teaching.


Introduction: Learning to Teach Teachers (Anna Richert). Part I Experienced Teacher Educators Reflect on Their Development: Reflections of a Teacher Educator Working for Social Change (Ken Zeichner); Still Learning to Teach (Jean Clandinin). Part II Beginning Teacher Educators Reflect on their Development: Becoming Teachers of Teachers (Karen Guilfoyle et al); Experiencing Teaching (Stefinee Pinnegar). Part III Ways to Promote One's Development as a Teacher Educator: Teacher Educators Reflecting on Writing in Practice (Gary Knowles and Ardra Cole); Returning to the Physics Classroom (Tom Russell). Part IV Ways to Study Practice in Teacher Education: Educative Relationships with the Writings of Others (Jack Whitehead); Methods and Issues in a Life History Approach to Self-study (Ardra Cole and Gary Knowles). Part V Broader Perspectives on Teacher Educator's Work: Themes, Processes and Trends in Professional Development of Teacher Educators (Lya Kremer-Hayon and Ruth Zuzovsky); Towards Rigour with Relevance: How Can Teachers and Teacher Educators Claim to Know? (Hugh Munby and Tom Russell). Part VI Epilogue: Teachers Who Teach Teachers: Some Final Considerations (Fred Korthagen and Tom Russell).
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